The MOP Up: Dauntless’ Strike Force is all up in your face


Giant monster hunting isn’t just a sacred duty of those sworn to protect that one blacksmith and his family, it’s also a competition between pumped-up bros and bras as to who is the best at swinging ridiculously oversized weapons around.

Meet Dauntless‘ Strike Force: “Two of these elite units — Defiance Squad and Endurance Squad — are in a heated competition to slay the most Behemoths within a set period of time. The winners of this ‘faction fight’ will earn the acclaim of Ramsgate’s citizens forever — or, at least, until the next such competition seizes the city’s imagination.”

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

Skyforge delved deep into the history of its planet: “Totemism, fetishism, animism, shamanism, and other forms of worship came into existence. Some people worshiped the elements, while others placed their faith in messianic figures who had periodically appeared in different places and times across Aelion’s history.”

TERA console is hosting a loading screen artwork contest, and you could win a ton of EMP if your work is picked!

Elder Scrolls Blades brought out Update 1.3 with a couple of new questlines, bug fixes, and the option to train with Staki.

The Tower of the Mad Mage is live on Neverwinter’s PC version (and here’s an additional patch full of tiny tweaks that happened as well).

Ready to go on a Golden Compass Treasure Hunt? That’s only happening in Lineage II, so get thee hence.

An Early Autumn Bounty Campaign is going on in Final Fantasy XI right now, with increased seal and crest drops and better goodies from certain battlefield monsters.

Learn more about Physera, the God of Order, from the upcoming Bless Unleashed.

Dark and Light is working on a server transfer patch while tossing out double harvesting weekends.

The Fortnite community got to fling all sorts of questions about the game’s creative mode at Epic Games, and you can read the results of that Reddit AMA.

A fan is working on an incredible mod to overhaul and improve the original Red Dead Redemption — on the PC, no less.

RuneScape’s community Q&A with the devs touched on the new player experience, bank improvements, minigames, and more:

Warface originally did not intend to release this single. After recording a short version for the Operation Mars teaser, the team received multiple requests to finish the song from the fans all over the world.” And here it is:

Elsword’s daunting Rigomor dungeons are now more dangerous than ever:

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