Fallout 76’s upcoming patch 13 will tackle bugs, mods, and rewards

And now I can't move.

Don’t you hate getting out of powered armor in Fallout 76 only to find that you can no longer control your character? You could just wear power armor at all times, of course, but that carries the problem of not letting you get into new power armor, plus it’s considered gauche to wear power armor to weddings, barbecues, and bat mitzvahs. Fortunately, that’s one of the issues that the team is working to solve with the game’s next major update, an issue that has apparently proven remarkably difficult to address and is still being worked on.

Yes, the game’s next patch is all about fixing either niggling issues like this (also including server stability issues and crop fixes) or general improvements to quality of life. Scout Armor Mods are getting improved and made more useful, armor penetration will have an effect upon energy weapons, and Vault 94 rewards are being re-evaluated for better balance. Hey, new content is nice, but balanced content is also nice.