Legends of Aria tackles next major release, premium subscription, and community events

Legends of Aria tackles next major release, premium subscription, and community events

With Legends of Aria now well past its Steam early access launch, it’s time for the developers to move forward with what’s next. The most recent development update blog has granted players a general look ahead at what to expect in its next release, along with plans for a premium subscription option and plenty of community-minded updates.

In order to keep the cash flow coming for the sandbox, Legends of Aria is finalizing its benefits and offers for a premium subscription, as well as some unique cosmetics for an in-game premium currency store. The option to subscribe to the game should be arriving at some point this week, which will also see the base price of the game drop to $19.99. This price drop is permanent and will also mean that Legends of Aria won’t be participating in any sales in the near future.

Point Release 8 will be introducing a new Martial skill line and book for Warriors to fill out, along with promises of “new and dynamic” PvE content, some new features for the allegiance war system, and work to improve incentives and make sure there’s something to do at all times. A specific features list is still in the works and will be offered up in a future blog post. There is also no current time frame for Point Release 8’s arrival, but the post does promise that feature scope will be managed in order to get the release live ASAP.

The post closes out with promises of more community streams outside of the regular Q&A sessions, the first of which being a Community Server Spotlight. The devs are also working to better integrate player feedback, though fans are reminded that the dev team is a small one and can only move so fast on improvements and fixes.

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Jack Tyme

What a shame. When they released it back in December 2018 game was so lit and I had a ton of fun. To bad I had high hopes for Aria.


The crowd of players they expected to get by switching to PvE just isn’t there for them and the PvP players have pretty much abandoned them to other games or are just playing on Community run servers that are delivering the game the original developers promised.

Even then the community servers might not save this game. Over the weekend for example certain community servers (LoU for sure) was down a whole day due to an issue created by Citadel Studios (per them). That kind of unreliability will end up just costing them even further.

Such a shame, but a lesson in sticking to your game vision that you sold everyone on.


Bait and switch game. Changed from 90% pvp to 90% pve without notice during their release. This is not the game I backed over 2 years ago.

Game is dead—literally no one in game. It will be free to play within 6 months.