Elder Scrolls Online’s Imperial City DLC will be free during Imperial City Celebration event


Last year when The Elder Scrolls Online had its Imperial City Celebration, you had to purchase the related DLC, even though it was half off. We now know that the event is going to return, but this time the Imperial City DLC will be free for all players.

The move was announced during a community event in Seattle, where it was confirmed that the DLC will be fully available to everyone starting with the event this September. More information on what this event will consist of is expected at some point later this week, but we expect there will be lots of Daedra slaying involved.

That same event also confirmed that Twitch Drops for console players will be coming at some point in the fourth quarter, so if you play ESO on console and have been looking jealously at the stuff PC/Mac players get, you’ll soon see your chance. Details on how players can get some sweet freebies will be announced soon.

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ZeniMax has clarified how the freebie promo works.

“To take part in the “liberation” of the Imperial City, you must first own the Imperial City DLC game pack or have access to it via ESO Plus™ membership. Lucky for you, beginning in tandem with the event, this DLC game pack will be completely free! That’s right, from now on (and for the foreseeable future), you can acquire the Imperial City DLC game pack for zero crowns from the DLC section of the Crown Store. This includes access to the Imperial City zone and story, including the sewers, city districts, and both the White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison dungeons.”

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Malcolm Swoboda

Now include Imperial race ;). (mostly kidding, I feel any time they’d do that is only if they have a new Imperial-themed thing to buy on top)

Sounds good. Imperial City is part of the whole ‘endgame-that-could-have-been-at-launch’ anyway.