World of Warcraft Classic now has its world-first level 60 player


The rush to endgame in World of Warcraft Classic has crowned the first person to cross the finish line. After a marathon of 79 hours, a Gnome mage player by the name of Jokerd on the Mograine EU server has hit the MMORPG’s current level cap.

The race was coordinated by Method, one of WoW’s most famous guilds and no stranger to scoring world firsts, including being the first to clear the Mythic Uldir raid in WoW Retail among other feats. Jokerd made it to level 60 the old fashioned way: grinding mobs in the Plaguelands for XP. The last bit of XP was earned by attacking and killing a Scarlet Paladin.

Jokerd’s technique for hitting the level cap has reportedly drawn some ire from the community. While Jokerd earned his levels by mob grinding, he streamlined the process by taking advantage of “layering,” the system which creates multiple instances of zones in order to keep populations levels balanced. Jokerd jumped between instances of the Plaguelands in order to avoid waiting on monster spawns to occur naturally. One person associated with the Method level cap race, however, called the strategy “smart” and believed that using instance layering in that way was fair.

Surprisingly, Jokerd reportedly was about to delete his characterΒ but was halted from doing so by fans and viewers of his stream flooding his in-game mailbox with messages (recall that you cannot delete your character if you have unread mail). The messages were heard loud and clear and Jokerd promised to keep the character alive.


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It’s absolutely an exploit in my view. The layering system is there to prevent zones from being impossibly busy, not to circumvent strict game systems to get far more XP and gold than should ever be possible.

Marty Woods

Congrats to him . Personally I am not rushing the content , I have three characters I am leveling on three different servers .

Maggie May

Now that I can post again …. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Big deal. I have twelve level five characters. Same thing.

Annoyed badger

Players: We want true classic wow.

Also players: First level 60 abuses new system not in classic wow to get there.

Elitist youtubers and forumwarriors (who probably never played vanilla): Vanilla was so hard no one will beat bosses for weaks.

non-elitists: Um….Bosses down week 1….

Kevin Smith

Here goes those I rushed through the entire game as fast as possible. Now I can complain that I am bored because there is nothing to do. Now they can run those few raids the game will have to include the couple that they will unlock an then truly be done with all this game has to offer as fast as possible.

Reginald Bottomsworth
Reginald Bottomsworth

I really don’t see the point–ripping through the leveling experience just for bragging rights that will be forgotten in a month? I’ll never understand why some people seem intent on sucking the fun out of gaming.


I’m in the camp of people that does not care about this stuff. Its silly to celebrate something like this within this game (relaunch of classic).

Jim Bergevin Jr

Count it in with any number of meaningless achievements in a game. Some people just need to have the value of their self-worth validated by random people on the Internet. Others need to feel better about themselves by seeing their name at the top of a leaderboard. For some it’s just another form of competition in an event where the majority if the players don’t even care about the race or who comes out on top.

Now, if this guy had used this to raise a couple of grand for charity, I would be saying kudos and job well done. As it is, I shrug and utter one small slight chuckle as I sit here on the can trying to kill a few more minutes reading an article before I get back to doing real work.


That’s amazing how even got the font in the lettering right for that. o.O