Apex Legends’ latest event is all about Wraith the Voidwalker


Wraith mains, these next few days are all about you. Apex Legends is hosting a new event called Voidwalker for the next two weeks with a Town Takeover, a limited-time mode, and plenty of goodies to both earn and purchase directly.

The Town Takeover is in a Project: Wraith facility in King’s Canyon. This new location is full of lore details about Wraith, along with a functional prototype portal that can be used to either get an early jump on the base or leave swiftly into a skydive. The limited-time mode, meanwhile, will limit weapons to snipers and shotguns as well as make loot harder to come by.

But nobody wants to examine lore while they could potentially be shot down, right? That’s why there’s also loot to get. The Voidwalker event will feature two tiers of challenges to unlock badges, crafting materials, and weapon skins, while an additional six legendary items are being added to the loot pool that can either be crafted or obtained through packs. The cash shop, meanwhile, will continue the Wraith celebration with a rotating stock including a unique Wraith skin and Frame for 1800 Coins and various other cosmetics for just 500 Coins. Finally, there’s going to be a double XP weekend from September 6th through September 9th for top 5 finishes and wins.

Voidwalker runs from now until Tuesday, September 17th. All of the details can be found here, a new lore video for Wraith is embedded below, and make sure to stay tuned to this week’s Choose My Adventure, in which I elaborate on how this particular game made me feel super old.

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