Conan Exiles’ Blood and Sand DLC and Update 37 go live on PC and Xbox


Welcome to the arena of your own design. Conan Exiles has offered up its latest DLC and its newest update for both PC and Xbox players to dive in to, both of which are full of new items, new weapons, and adjustments to existing weapons.

The $9.99 DLC pack, of course, features 29 building pieces that let you put together your own gladiatorial pit, along with 18 Bloodletter weapons, 15 new armor pieces in three different sets, and 15 war banner placeables to dress up your den of sanctioned murder built for the amusement of others. Update 37, meanwhile, introduces various features including Battle Standards that let you initiate PvP duels (with some important restrictions), new short sword and two-handed axe weapons, animation updates to longswords, greatswords, and pikes, and new Weapon Oils and item kits.

Maybe you prefer your Conan Exiles with a bit more medieval fantasy? Then you might enjoy the Age of Calamitous mod, which has kicked out its 14th update, adding a new faction, faction pets, and faction halls. It’s a pretty impressive addition to the game, and its trailer is below, along with one for the Blood and Sand DLC.

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