Path of Exile elaborates on the Blight League’s approach to balance


Ah, yes. Balancing. The endless turning of dials for MMO skills old and new. The victorious feeling of a class or skill being buffed, the sorrow and dismay at a nerfing. It’s the roller coaster ride we all know too well, and it’s on the mind of Path of Exile with a beefy development blog explaining balance adjustments that are arriving with the launch of the Blight League.

The post provides several paragraphs that cover pretty much every possible point of combat balance, from Ascendancy changes and passive tree changes to melee and ranged adjustments. It also elaborates on adding more global modifiers on gem levels, easier methods of unlocking Veiled Modifiers, and some tweaks to mana recovery for spellcasters that should toe the line between being something to consider without being too distracting.

In short, there is a lot to read.

Also of note is a look at how the Atlas of Worlds is different with the Blight League, along with a full laundry list of locations that will be in each tier. If you’d rather not have a giant list in front of you, though, one helpful redditor has color coded and labeled the map, with the latest version at the top of the Imgur gallery.

Complete 3.8 Blight Atlas: Tiered, Labeled, Colored – by /u/Vocandin

source: official forums 1, 2)

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Ashfyn Ninegold

This league is going to be interesting. I rarely play maps past the first few because of the death penalty. I just don’t like losing anything I’ve worked for or progressed in. A miscalculation in maps wipes out considerable effort. I don’t like that. But I always make a map-able build.