Trove’s next update, Into the Deep, adds new world bosses and a level 25 class booster


With Trove’s server move and three-day outage behind us, we can look ahead to Trove’s next big thing – and yes, Gamigo is still developing the game. On the public test server right now is Into the Deep, Trove’s next update. The patch will tweak clubs and club adventures, Geodian and Trovian outpost adventures, a new level 25 class booster (the cap is 30), grants everyone class keys at level 25, adjusts dungeon spawn rates, tinkers with the newbie quest line, buffs Qubesly, and adds Leviathan world bosses to the Geode topside maps.

“Diligent explorers might find the way to some new world bosses in Geode Topside worlds – the monstrous Leviathans living underneath the surface,” Gamigo says. “There are 3 versions of these Leviathans, each with their own giant and dangerous abilities. Each Leviathan will despawn if it is not defeated within 15 minutes of spawning. The 8 players who defeat the most Leviathans each day will receive an Ego Potion. […] Defeating a Leviathan gives an increased chance of dropping Crystal 3 equipment along with Lesser Geode Topside Caches. While the drop rates increase with higher ubers, Crystal 3 equipment can drop from a Leviathan in U-8. Leviathans also drop Torches, which grant Light and are equipped in the Banner slot.”

YouTuber Scyushi has a detailed video from the PTS on everything in the update; you can check that out below.

Do note the game was having issues earlier today as well, but Gamigo says that’s all straightened out now.


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