Anthem’s patch 1.40 brings freeplay changes, returned loot, and a hint toward Cataclysm’s ending


Throughout the Cataclysm event, Anthem has continued to roll out a slow but steady trickle of new loot, arenas, and story missions, but today’s patch brought something a bit more dramatic.

After a tweet from BioWare hinted at something new within the Emerald Abyss region of freeplay, players discovered the Sanctuary of Dunar landmark in ruins, towered over by an ominous machine of Shaper origin. A nearby interactable plays a cutscene that appears to connect events in the Abyss to the ongoing Cataclysm. Players are now speculating this is a hint toward the upcoming ending of the event.

Alongside the freeplay changes, today’s 1.40 patch also brings numerous bug fixes and quality of life changes, as well as a return of all Cataclysm loot from previous weeks. Those who missed out on the skins, cosmetics, and war chests from earlier in the event or are still looking for that perfectly rolled Jarra’s Wrath can now head to the seasonal store for a second chance at all of Cataclysm’s goodies.

I previously covered Anthem‘s Cataclysm in our Not So Massively column, finding it a pretty good ride, though I remain concerned about its temporary nature: “But even if it’s not perfect and definitely not a game-changer, Cataclysm has been a pretty fun ride for me. If Anthem continues to add content of this quality, I’ll be happy.”

Source: Twitter
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