Final Fantasy XIV is experimenting with social media support through November

Get in, losers.

If you’ve got an issue with your Final Fantasy XIV account, you have another way of getting support through November 29th. Square-Enix has announced the start of a social media support program in a test state, running for about three months to gauge the usefulness and viability of support via Twitter and Facebook. During the aforementioned pilot period, the company will be monitoring social media for problems as well as responding directly to messages and requests for support through the platforms.

The support will be limited to those with a North American account and will only be available in English, with no personal information being collected via the support process. However, some issues may not be possible to resolve via social media support, which will result in affected customers being redirected to other forms of contact. So it may or may not be able to handle any issues you encounter, but it will give you an alternate means of seeking out a solution.


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Danny Smith

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This is great news, honestly. Social media support definitely allows for the quickest direct response. Hoping it sticks and is executed well.


Does it really? Whenever I had an issue with my account, I just used their chat support and it got fixed pretty immediately. How is social media supposed to improve on that?