Life skill mastery is live for Black Desert PC as PS4 gets the Dark Knight and Musa

Black Desert PC fans tired of console taking up all the air in the room can breathe easy today, as Kakao and Pearl Abyss has pushed out a big patch today, the headlining feature for which is Life Skill Mastery. Life skills, as we’ve noted before, aren’t restricted to merely just gathering and crafting skills; they also include things like trading and sailing.

“Life Skill Mastery will extend the depth of the exciting Life Skill-related content by adding a new value to current Life contents. Life Skill Mastery will depend on a character’s Life Skill Level. Hence, the higher the Life Skill Level, the larger the Life Skill Mastery will be. Adventurers can further enhance their character’s Life Skill Mastery by using Life Skill accessories and Gears that will be newly added along with the update. Three different grades of Life Skill items will be added successively, allowing adventurers to enjoy a variety of benefits that they could not experience before. Based on the Life Skill Mastery achieved, productivity can be increased through mass processing, and adventurers will be able to obtain higher and more valuable rewards through activities such as Gathering and Fishing.”

Kakao has posted multiple leveling charts for processing, sailing, hunting, fishing, alchemy, training, cooking, and gathering mastery, along with revamped training (that’s horse training, mind you) content and a requisite event centered on the update.

Over in the still-has-that-new-game-smell PS4 version of the game, Pearl Abyss has dropped a new patch with the Dark Knight and Musa, the Kzarka world boss, and the Hunting lifeskill. Node wars and conquest wars are still on the way! If you’re thinking about giving the PS4 version a shot, definitely check out our detailed impressions piece in last week’s Desert Oasis. Our BDO columnist Carlo normally plays on PC but found the PS4 version a refreshing change and good for newbies – especially on his PSVita!

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