Omni is an online massively multiplayer shooter that focuses on swift reflexes and precise aiming


If time in previous shooter games is any indication, I’m going to fall to pieces in Omni, a self-described first of its kind massively multiplayer online shooter slash loot game (MMOSSL) that throws hordes of enemies at you. It means you need to be swift and accurate, which means I’m probably going to be torn up by whatever these monsters are in the game’s world.

Not only does North 3D’s new title feature fast-moving twitch gameplay, but it features an equipment-focused build system in which combinations of weapons affects skill progression, play style, and even movement speed depending on the weight of items. Each type of gear has its own unique experience bar that increases the more its used, letting players mold themselves into their preferred critter-killing machine, whether that’s a fast-moving ranged weapons character or a slow-moving, hammer-wielding tank.

Events will also play a large part in Omni as well. Players can band together to clear out swarms of enemies from cities, which will open that city’s features up like vendors, quest givers, and even dungeons. As one would expect, the swarming foes of the game’s world won’t just sit back and let territory get taken: Once a city is cleared out, it is open to invasion, and should an invasion succeed, all of the features available to players in that location go away.

Omni is still in development at the time of this writing, with three different versions set to go up for pre-order soon. You can get more details on the official site and take a peek at some gameplay in the videos below.

source: official site, thanks to Kinya for the tip!
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It looks nice, but I don’t see anything that is first of its kind here.


So is it an MMORPG? Surprisingly good characters for a shooter.

Michael Lehner

Hmm. A shooter that focuses on reflexes and aiming. Now, that absolutely will make it one of a kind… :D ;)


Or 7 of a kind, anyway.

Devoid4Life .

Precise aiming, but all I see is hip firing and aiming in the general direction of things?

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Alex Willis

“swift reflexes and precise aiming”

but so old

this game sounds ageist


Don’t worry I’m sure the cash shop grenade launcher will be just the thing for you!