PvP MMORPG Eternal Magic’s closed beta starts today


Originally, the closed beta for Eternal Magic was supposed to start on July 17th. That didn’t happen; instead, the game announced a delay before the start date with the closed beta to arrive later. And now it finally has arrived, with the closed beta kicking off today. The game’s community manager has announced previously that a quick turnaround from closed beta to open beta is anticipated, although there’s not a firm timeline just yet.

The game’s closed beta feature list is, naturally, meant to entice onlookers into picking up one of the game’s access packs which contain beta access, a head start for open beta, and of course a variety of in-game items. It’s also promising in-game weddings, private mansion parties, a flexible class system, massive PvP mechanics, a MOBA mode, and wars between guilds. (Lords a-leaping and partridges in pear trees are not on the official feature list.) Curiously, this feature list does not include a mention of the game’s originally announced popularity contest to see who is the prettiest girl, so it remains to be seen if that’s still a thing. Ladies.

Source: Press release

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Don’t bother with this game, because they are stealing sound assets from World of Warcraft and if you call them out on it they delete your comments and block you.

They are criminals, report them to Blizzard for copyright infringement.


If I see angel wings on any character these days is a hard pass for me.


Yeah for some reason wings have become synonymous with Asian import p2w MMOs. I can’t think of one MMO that has wings that is good. lmao


Games with wings and flying are the worst.

Ben Stone

Is this a mobile game? Or have I gone back in time about 10 years?


Oh yeah this is the game that said it had something “for the girls” – which ended up being a sleazy real life picture upload to be judged by the guys and voted which is prettiest and had this whole weird stalker part to it as well. Talk about being out of touch with the times, not only that but the spin that this was “for the girls”.

If they want to have some kind of Cosplay Contest that’s fine, but let it be for everybody not just females, don’t use some sleazy picture for your headline of a girl needlessly showing skin and thrusting her giant breasts out, and don’t make the contest so creepy where stalkers give gifts and “give attention” to their favorites (remembering that this was only females and that you’d win by “getting attention” – yikes). That sends shivers down my spine and gives me an icky feeling all over.

I hope that there is no mention of that because they realized how bad of an idea that was. We still won’t forget, because of how ridiculous and out of touch this was to try and do, but at least if they realize the mistake and cancel the idea, that will be something.


Looks like a Tera rip off…


Yup. That’s another generic temport MMO from Asia.

Devoid4Life .

So…is this from Perfect World? Cause it kinda looks like one of their many games using the same engine since PW first came out..