RuneScape studio Jagex reveals the 2019 RuneFest event’s full schedule


With October a month away, excitement is rising for this year’s RuneFest. Taking place on October 4th and 5th in England, the RuneScape fan festival will no doubt pack players in even with a £150 (about $183) price tag. MOP will be in attendance for the first time in ages too!

Jagex unveiled the event’s schedule at the Farnborough International Exhibition Centre, which kicks off with the Golden Gnome Awards and gets nuttier from there. There’s a look at the Land Out of Time, a cosplay parade, a data dump of game statistics, Old School RuneScape talk, art panels, mobile dissections, a lore Q&A, and, of course, a keynote address that will lay out the next year of RuneScape’s development.

And if you want to hear British people talking all British-like while revealing the theme to RuneFest 2019, we’ve got the reveal trailer for that after the break!

Source: RuneScape

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