Crowfall’s Infected ruleset offers the best of both worlds

Isn't it necromantic?

Quick primer on Crowfall’s world types for you today: The upcoming PvP MMORPG is running limited-duration campaigns set in four different world types, with relatively safer worlds offering fewer rewards and the more risky and dangerous boasting the best. But in the middle of that spectrum lies The Infected, which is a “mid-level risk/reward environment” that tries to be the best of both worlds.

Crowfall’s Infected worlds are being tested right now and can be experienced by players level 15 or higher.┬áThe Infected features three siege maps and a single “resource-rich continent” at the center of it all.

“The challenge that players must overcome is gaining and retaining control of highly-contested strongholds and respawn points without which they cannot achieve success against factional enemies,” ArtCraft posted.

Source: Crowfall
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