Legends of Aria is merging Azure Sky and Verdant Earth today

Bear with us!

The Azure Sky and Verdant Earth server clusters of Legends of Aria are merging today, as was promised at the end of August. The new conjoined server will be dubbed Ethereal Mountain, but the game will still separate the two of them through the Dead Gate, which players must work to unlock. That’s right, it may be a server merge but you’re getting a whole event to go along with it in the form of opening that Dead Gate.

Six unique Relic types can be found throughout the world, and a thousand of each Relic will be required to fully open the Dead Gate and let players travel freely between Azure Sky and Verdant Earth. So it’s a celebration and a chance to take part in something as a community rather than just an administrative move. You can read up on the details on the official announcement; while it might take a little time for both servers to be able to play together, the atmosphere of the travel event should help ameliorate any sting.


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lucas daush

None of you know what your talking about . Since the steam release the population on these two servers has grown. They are up to 8 ppl now.


It’s nice the two people left playing on these servers will finally be able to play together :)

Kickstarter Donor

…in 3 months when they finish the collection quest to unlock it.