Destiny 2 previews October Crucible adjustments and Shadowkeep subclass ability tweaks


The drums of change continue to boom out over Destiny 2. The weekly report from Bungie provided a deeper look at how things are different for the Crucible and for Guardian subclass abilities, as well as a sneak peek at some fresh armor looks coming with Shadowkeep.

For the PvPers out there, the Crucible will be shuffling itself starting October 1st. Quickplay will be replaced with Classic Mix, and Competitive will be replaced with 3v3 Survival, which will award Glory. Bungie is adding a Survival Solo Queue option is being added that also awards Glory, and 6v6 Control is getting its own playlist. This mode will be front-and-center as Bungie believes it’s a good starting point for any new players.

Crucible players can also expect rotating maps from season to season, the reassignment of maps from certain playlists, the return of Elimination in Crucible Labs, and map additions like Widow’s Court, Twilight Gap, and the new Fragment map.

The weekly update also provided a closer look at changes to PvP, including shared Heavy Ammo crates in 6v6 modes, changes to how skill rating and Glory will affect matchmaking, and tweaks to how Glory, Valor, and Infamy streaks work (losses will reduce Valor and Infamy by 1 and Glory by 2, though you can’t lose Glory if you’re at Fabled rank or below).

On the more PvE side of things, the blog post also provided an advance look at how many subclass abilities will operate once Shadowkeep launches. These adjustments are either subclass specific or include agnostic changes to Super Energy regeneration, instant reloading, damage multipliers, and Super damage resistance. In short, there are a lot of tweaks due to arrive, so you’ll want to take a moment to review.


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I’ve started playing Destiny 2 few days ago. First thing I’ve seen in the paid (!) game – a bunch of screen with advertisement about new paid DLCs. And it turned out I cannot progress past level 20 (out of 50) without additional payments.

It seems this “f2p” will be like SWTOR and TESO – a free trial with $100/year fee minimum (DLCs + subscription fee a.k.a. “season passes”).

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I’m playing the free version on at the moment.

You can get to lvl 20 on that, and to lvl 25 with the Warmind or CoO – or if you have both to lvl 30.

Note: As from October 1st, Destiny will be on Steam and the free version will include both those expansions for free, so you can go to lvl 30 for Zero dollars. So these prior restrictions will be irrelevant.

At that point, you should have decided if you want to keep playing, and I would expect to pay for expansions tbh. I mean, if you don’t like it by then, why complain about further cost? (Even though it’s cost you nothing at that point anyway).

Also, the season pass? They have a free reward track, which gives all sorts of goodies and cosmetics, plus a season pass track, which gives more stuff. (Note: The seasons pass will get you both the paid reward track and the free tracks items).

You’ll also be able to play the first mission of the xpac and visit the world and join in on some activities that are currently xpac locked.

All the details are in this article:

But, you don’t have to buy it. You can just get the xpacs. Or not.

Its amazing how people expect everything for nothing these days. God forbid we should pay for content huh?

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Whenever I go back to Destiny 2, after half an hour, I wonder why am I doing this to myself? It will bring nothing but stress and it will want to sell me all the DLC and yearly pass and battle pass and silver thing.
It’s so annoying. So I uninstall it and go back to Warframe. Every damn time :). Warframe, I played on and off since closed beta.

I bought once platinum when I got the 75% discount offer and once I got the full Prime Access package because I was overwhelmed by the amount of content they bring out without asking/forcing for a dime.
That’s 2 times in 7 years, compare that to how much you have to pay for Destiny in order to be able to actually play the game.