EverQuest II kicks off prelude events for its unannounced 2019 expansion

EverQuest II kicks off prelude events for its unannounced 2019 expansion

With GU111 Carnage in Kael behind us, we’re heading into expansion season for EverQuest II. The expansion hasn’t officially been announced yet, so we don’t know a whole lot about it, save that it’s going to up the level cap to 120 and take us to a “familiar” area.

But maybe there will be a few clues in the expansion prelude event, which kicked off in the wee hours of this very morning and will lead into the expansion content whenever it launches. Daybreak is promising several permanent level 110 signature quests and a total of five repeatable quests and collections native to the prelude.

“A great project is underway at Teren’s Grasp in Kylong Plains! Come join the marvelous scholars of the Deepwater Circle as they work tirelessly to empower the Combine Spires, under the rigorous direction of The Duality. They’re offering an extensive list of items in exchange for your assistance gathering arcane energy sources, collecting luclinite, defending newly erected propylons, and creating teleportation aspects. There’s something everyone can do, no matter how experienced!”

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Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

Certainly looks like Luclin to me. I hope it is!

Sam Black

I stopped playing a few years back, but I’d still love to see a Luclin expansion! Kinda looks like they’re hinting at that.

Kickstarter Donor

Oh shoot, like Luclin Luclin? Like the shattered moon? That would be amazing.

Alas, I’m sitting at 91 with no idea how to level up after I took a break :(