Final Fantasy XIV teams up with Pusheen for even more cat antics than normal


We all know that Final Fantasy XIV is a game of cats. Sure, it’s also a game of rabbits, lizards, and very occasionally dragons, but first and foremost are cats. They’ve been here the longest. So it seems appropriate that the game has teamed up with Pusheen for a trio of comics based on the game. Yes, it includes a kitty playing dress-up as various jobs.

All right, it features a less bipedal than normal kitty playing dress-up as various jobs; anyone who plays a miqo’te has gotten to see a cat in Dragoon armor.

The comics also explain the difference between the Warrior of Light and the Warrior of Darkness in terms cat owners will be familiar with, as well as how to offer the game even more cat-themed denizens beyond the existing multitude. Sure, it’s just cute fluff with an adorable cat, but since when was that a bad thing?

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The Cat Ninja was my favorite. But then I saw Warrior of Light and Warrior of Darkness in terms I really could wrap my head around and those became my new favorites.

Dankey Kang

Pusheen mount/minion or riot


this collaboration is giving me serious paws.


I think my Adorable Meter just broke. I hadn’t seen any of the Pusheen stuff before, although I did rescue a Detective Pusheen plush from the bargain bin at Barnes and Noble. (Pudgy kitty in a Sherlock Holmes cap and shoulder cape.) :)