Inside Star Citizen showcases commodity inventory, two Vanguard variants, and hover mode adjustments


It’s another week, and so that means another development video from Star Citizen! This edition of the video series provided the first build of a commodity inventory system, a look at the interiors of the Vanguard Harbinger and Sentinel, and some tweaks to hopefully make hover mode feel less janky.

The so-called “personal commodity inventory” is yet another CIG over-explanation for a raw materials inventory tab. Just like those inventories, this radial menu specifically shows what sort of collected commodities you have on your person. From this menu, you can store all of your gathered commodities in to a storage box, which can then be picked up by your avatar, stowed on your ship, and sold from a relevant terminal. Commodities will include things like mined ores, plant items, and (apparently) poopies.

The video then moves to the Vanguard Harbinger and Vanguard Sentinel, which appear to be almost ready to fly. The interiors of each ship were given special attention, with the Sentinel housing terminals for electronic warfare functions and the Harbinger sporting a torpedo bay that has a window where you can watch the torpedo be loaded into the bay before being fired off.

Finally, there’s a look at a new proximity assist, which is part of further improvements to hover mode that seek to remove the finicky hover maneuvering currently in-game now. As its name suggests, proximity assist helps to manage acceleration when your ship is low to the ground. This addition is also part of the removal of hover mode’s helicopter-like aspects that caused plenty of frustrations for players.

Those are all features planned for the more distant future. As for what’s immediately on deck, the official forums have announced the impending arrival of patch 3.6.2, which should include the 890 Jump. If the replies in that thread are to be believed, however, this ship is a gas guzzler, so be mindful if you decide to use your interstellar yacht for Top Gun-like aerial maneuvering. As of this writing, the new patch is still not live yet, which may be alarming to some.

sources: YouTube, official forums, thanks to DK for the tip!
Finally! Alpha 3.6.2 is live:

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