Nexon Korea employees stage a protest to stop restructuring and call for job security


In late August, we reported on plans for Nexon’s union members to protest against efforts to restructure the company and demand assurances that their jobs were secure. That protest has since taken place, with approximately 600 union members joining in the demonstration. “Stop making excuses for reorganization. Ensure job security. We cannot endure disorganization without countermeasures,” said the workers.

The protests have been spurred by several moves made by Nexon as part of an apparent restructuring that saw many game projects shut down, which has Nexon Korea employees rightfully concerned about their fate. “If [a] project ends and the team is disbanded due to poor games, it is not certain whether the team’s manpower will be relocated, which is why workers in the game industry suffer from constant job insecurity,” explained Nexon labor union head Bae Soo-chan.

Further fanning concerns about job security is a report from a union official claiming there’s a document which states that if relocation of workers isn’t complete within three months, workers should agree to leave Nexon. A statement from Nexon countered that report, saying that “because of the nature of the game industry, the project is being halted in consideration of various situations, which is not related to reduction of manpower.”

Closing projects has been Nexon’s MO for the past few weeks. The company canned Peria Chronicles, stopped development of Project G, let the contract for Riders of Icarus run out (though that game is now under new ownership), and has closed two Western offices. The project and office closings have seen large numbers of employees laid off in the West and about 100 employees in Korea either suspended or on standby.


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More power to them. Hope they kick ass!


Yes, what is this, a cry for sympathy? Good luck, this is Amurica where we hate the workers. Suck it up, sissies.

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Employees: “Stop having financial problems.”
Nexon: “Oh silly me for not thinking of that.”


Could just be me, but I think the employees are saying “Stop fucking mismanaging this company.”

And Nexon is replying: “Why? If we execs fuck up, you’ll take the hit, not us.”


How cute. Good luck with that.