The 10th anniversary of Champions Online continues with new and returning events


The birthday celebrations for Champions Online continue as the MMO celebrates 10 years the only way it knows how: with presents for players.

In addition to last week’s offerings, players can look forward to the return of Top Ten this week, which has added a new mission to the mix. Those who complete ten missions unlock Retro Ironclad Bracers and Anniversary Secondary Gear, which grant XP bonuses when equipped. The Destroyer’s Plans event is also coming back, tasking players to take out Destroyerbots around Millennium City to collect cores and turn them in for a package of Anniversary Gifts and Favors. The event store is also updated with some Retro Ironclad-styled cosmetics.

In addition to these returning events, there’s also a level-up event that’s running between now and Thursday, September 12th. Those who manage to take a new character to level 40 within that time frame will get a Defender’s Helmet item, a new Warmup Dance emote, and two exclusive costume tokens.

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