Astellia Online offers $10 subscription as an alternative to buy-to-play


With Astellia Online coming out in a few weeks on September 27th, two questions sit on the table. Will you be playing? And how will you be paying for that privilege?

Since it’s a buy-to-play MMORPG, Astellia’s $40 (and up) price tag might make people shy away from an otherwise worthwhile title. To address this, Barunson is offering an alternative option to access the game in the form of a $10/month subscription. The idea here is that players can check out the game for that first month or so, and if they are pleased with it, upgrade to the full package.

The publisher said that the subscription won’t limit the game’s content and features in any way but allow for full access with a reduced initial price. Unlike the pre-order packages, subscription accounts won’t be getting any head start. And before you ask, no, the money you put toward a subscription won’t be counted toward the price of a future package purchase.

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