City of Titans has slimmed down its costuming program, bringing it closer to a test state

Rebuild. Rise.

Costumes in a superhero game are a big deal, something the City of Titans team is well aware of. But system resources are also a big deal, so when it turns out that the first version of the game’s costume-management Dresser program required six gigs of system memory to operate… well, go ahead and imagine what that would do with more than one character on screen. Heck, some people only have 8 GB of system RAM; changing costumes would basically crash your computer. Clearly, that was far too much.

Of course, the benefit of not having people test the first version of everything is that it can be refined over time. The second version of the program required a far less onerous 20 MB of RAM, and the studio is now showing off the third version of the Dresser meant to make swapping outfits basically instant with a far smaller footprint. You can check things out in the trailer just below; it’s a notable and important step toward making the avatar builder available for more public testing.

City of Titans, MMO players will recall, is a City of Heroes-inspired MMORPG that raised over $678,000 through Kickstarter way back in 2013. It was supposed to launch its Issue 0 alpha at the end of 2018 but delayed it indefinitely while its alpha test server was completely rebuilt. In 2019, it’s posted about FAQs, maps, combat, spandex, the UI, capes, and its lore novel.

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If that super tall tree monster thing is an available option for players I can tell you right now they will be EVERYWHERE….

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This except I’m the cat and the chicks are all the upcoming Super Hero MMOs and City of Heroes.


Nyaa? o.O


Well they sure do look good anyway.