EVE Online improves star and wormhole textures along with several UI improvements

Bless this hot mess.

If you’re still using lower shader quality on EVE Online (perhaps you’re running the game on extremely outdated hardware as a form of protest), stars are going to look a bit better with the next update on September 10th. One of the major changes in the game’s September release is a reworking of star and wormhole textures, with the lower-quality version no looking like blank circles and the higher-quality version looking similar to the current version but with additional animation on the surface.

The update is also slated to bring a number of usability improvements to the game, including better warnings for the Fitting window, improvements to the overall warp system, and a redesigned Tutorial page. Many of these changes will be fairly transparent for older players, but newer players will benefit quite a bit from the changes and even veterans will be able to further refine their fitting skills with a cleaner interface.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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