Guild Wars 2 submits a list of potential WvW-centered balance adjustments


It’s time for the PvPers of Guild Wars 2 to maybe get worried and very possibly get upset to the point they make angry responses, as plans to adjust WvW are in the works as ArenaNet chases the dragon’s tail of PvP balance once again.

The proposed adjustments are primarily focused on WvW and are intended to bring dominant builds in line and improve the overall meta by adding more build diversity. The proposed changes touch every class in the game, though some adjustments are more numerous than others. Case in point: the Necromancer, which could see Oppressive Collapse require line-of-sight to activate, adjustments to the Sand Savant trait to address target cap issues, and tweaks to Sand Flare, Desert Shroud, and Sand Cascade.

Other noteworthy changes that are on the table include a reduced range of Holographic Shockwave for Engineers, a rework of Mesmer’s Chaotic Interruption that reduces the cooldown of a weapon skill already on cooldown by five seconds, and adjusting Charge for Warriors to remove movement impairing conditions and then increases the damage of affected allies’ next 2 attacks by 25% in PvE and PvP and 10% in WvW.

There are, of course, more planned changes than that, so make sure to take a closer look. Bear in mind, though, that none of these changes is final.

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Bruno Brito

Coalescence of Ruin: This skill would no longer deals increased damage with successive impacts; instead it deals damage equal to what was previously the middle impact damage. Damage remains split between game modes. A red warning rectangle visible to enemies has been added to this skill.

Well, that took long enough.


Superior Rune of Antitoxin: Change it so that instead of increasing outgoing condition cleanses by one it instead increases incoming condition cleanses by one, thus only affecting the wielder, but allowing it to scale up with external cleanses.

As long as the core system of Boon/Condition stays the same, the meta will revolve around condi-clearing/boon corrupt runes. Antitoxin will be ok, until we find the new broken rune, and everyone is either completely condi-immune, or pumped full of ebola. As is per tradition.

Dug From The Earth

Underwhelming as always.