World of Warcraft fans toast the game’s 15th anniversary

Even when that emotional connection is being violently severed.

As we head into the fall and World of Warcraft’s official 15th anniversary, you best believe that Blizzard is going to be milking this occasion for all its worth over the next few months. The studio’s been encouraging fans to share their favorite stories of the MMO on Twitter with the tag #ToastToWarcraft, and the devs pulled a few of the best to respond to personally.

Among the messages include tales of lifetime friendships forming, a player inspired to go to art school for graphic design, and (of course) a marriage or two that came out of those game sessions. Hey, we have one of those too!

And speaking of the community, check out how one player is making an effort to level to WoW Classic’s level cap solely on his Android phone with a streaming app. “Never said it should be for everyone, but it’s the only way I can really play. Busy life — don’t have time to sit at my PC for hours,” he posted on Reddit.

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Bruno Brito

Wonder if Ion is playing the game.

I wish that he secretly plays P99 EQ with a small hardcore guild.


I remember we where in 40 man Naxxramus Arachnid quarter and I was trying to talk the raid leader into getting a share of gear as I had improved so much. Well I stepped a little too far toward the entrance as we chatted and was instantly wrapped up and killed by a giant spider. Very embarrassing and funny.

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Has anyone said the obvious yet? The game that would finally be the true World of Warcraft Killer was World of Warcraft?


You mean this afternoon? I think you got firsties for that, gratz. ; P


…I think it’s been said many times actually, but not in any way like this I imagine. Because it was always been assumed that Blizz would screw up with WoW so much it would inevitably kill it, was always my understanding of that.

Here though, a successful WoW Classic may in fact wholly benefit WoW retail. (Or even if it was the other way around.) As again, we are dealing with a 2 headed hydra that uses the same stomach. That is, in order to access WoWC one must have a subscription to WoWR. So this will not kill WoW, but most likely give it a massive new lease on life. o.O

Jaymes Buckman

That dude has a phone.