Camelot Unchained is nearly ready to set in-game traps and test its new NPC AI


This week’s update from Camelot Unchained hit a couple of pretty good milestones. In the regular Top Tenish write-up, the folks at City State Entertainment have gotten one step closer to creating traps and appear to be very close to putting their less-dumb NPCs to the test.

Traps in Camelot Unchained are wholly dependent on trigger volumes, which sound a bit like “step in an area, something happens” in two-word form. One of the devs has reportedly landed trigger volumes to engage a number of effects in the game world, which was then used by another dev to create some functional trap prototypes. Trigger volumes aren’t just for traps, though; they can also be applied to additional scripting in the world and even the addition of auras for support characters.

As for NPC AI work, debugging of navmesh 3-D behaviors is continuing. The system reportedly has issues when new obstacles are added to the navmesh and so there’s still plenty of work to be done, but the update promises that the team is near the end of the tunnel. The other end of that tunnel will include some testing of NPC behaviors, likely in a control point scenario, which has lots of overhanging geometry for NPCs to get potentially hung up on.

The update also provided insights on work to make NPCs look visually distinct from one another, progress on Linuxification efforts, and improvements on the transformer gizmo. You can get your full share of made-up words (and real ones, too) in the update and video.

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O-oh, we’re talking about mechanical ‘traps’. That makes more sense.

Randy Savage

“Camelot Unchained is nearly ready…” – don’t tease us like that MOP