Lineage 2M shows off new trailers seemingly showcasing all in-game footage

Someone please clarify.

The original Lineage still makes bank in South Korea, which is probably part of the reason why the upcoming Lineage 2M is highly anticipated by players within the country. NCsoft has claimed that over two million pre-registrations were received within the first 18 hours of opening registrations, even. And now you can check out the two new trailers for the title just below, both of which, according to NCsoft, are entirely in-game footage rather than any sort of demo version trickery.

One trailer is all about showing off the game’s world, including various locales that may well be familiar to long-time fans; the other shows off interactions between players in a social setting. The mobile title is scheduled for launch in Korea later this year, which means that it must be getting pretty close to its final builds; check out both trailers just below if you’d like to see what the latest mobile take on the game looks like.

Source: MMO Culture


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Yet another Korean game suffering from the generic “elven” setting with characters wearing borderline sci-fi platemail and nylon mage robes.

Can’t they just license something more logical – like Warhammer or Dungeons & Dragons maybe?


Lineage has always looked like that since 1998, what are you talking about?


They’re already have a mobile game called Lineage 2 Revolution as a sequel/reboot/alternate story of the original lineage 2 (which is a prequel of Lineage), which features like auto walk, auto battle, and auto chain-questing (microtransaction included) and they still want to port the original to mobile? Of course they are, imagine the grindiest MMORPG ever now including legal microtransaction bot to help you slay those 3.879.235.890.765 ketra orcs

Well at least the next time your fort was attacked you can always defend it even when you’re driving :P


I’ve yet to try a mobile game with auto battle that didn’t make me feel superfluous.
At that point, why not watch someone else play a real game on twitch, or play a clicker – both choices will save you battery


It’s one of the worst games I’ve even had the misfortune to try.