Rogue Company is a team-based multiplayer shooter coming from Hi-Rez Studios in 2020


Publisher Hi-Rez Studios is cracking out another team-based shooter, but this one looks to be a bit more… edgy, I guess is the word than something like Paladins. Say hello to Rogue Company, an in-development team-based multiplayer shooter arriving to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Games Store in 2020. The game comes to us from developer First Watch Games, an internal studio created by Hi-Rez that presumably was part of the company’s studio reorganization in August of last year.

The game’s store page promises “action, tactics, and attitude,” as well as abilities, weapons, game modes, and a roster of mercenaries to play around with. It will also boast full cross-play across all major gaming platforms. Specifics on just what game modes will be included have yet to be pinned down — in fact a number of details are yet to be finalized — but at least one developer of the game promises class-based gameplay with several modes. So not a battle royale shooter, then. Or at least not only a battle royale shooter.

Rogue Company’s creative director Scott Zier promises the shooter will “constantly evolve” with “new game modes, maps, weapons, gadgets, in-game events, and playable mercenaries.” Zier also promises that the devs will be paying close attention to player feedback as the team works to create “the next best multiplayer shooter.”

We’ll all have to wait and see just what that next best multiplayer shooter is as time goes by, but for now there’s a live-action teaser trailer with some colorful characters and some early gameplay footage to check out below.


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I love smite and paladins, I’m defiantly going to check this out. Assuming it’s not battle royale, ain’t nobody got time for that !@#t

James Crow

i got some ” LawBreakers” TPS vibes here.
if this is the case count me in

Jon Wax

This stuff ended with MAG

Bruno Brito

So, they’ll use RR and Paladins as a base to make a APB like game? Sigh.

Can we just get Global Agenda 2 already?

Kenji Takeda

I’m a big global agenda fan .. but damn hirez make and then stop supporting their game which players stop supporting aswell.

This is probably going to end up in the back burner for their next title.


Yeah I figured something had to be cooking at HiRez because Smite/Paladins aren’t really growing and Realm Royale has been stuck in hell since they killed its initial hype for a lot of folks.

And of course it’s going to be on the Epic Games store, because HiRez will take any partnership that gets them extra $$ at this point. Like they basically murdered their presence on Twitch just for their Mixer partnership.

Anyway guess more info/gameplay needs to be shown, but it looks okay. Doesn’t sound like anything really new or ambitious though. HiRez does PvP shooters and that’s about it, though seeing how they drop in and the arena/etc. did make me hopeful for a moment that maybe we’d get some ZMR/GunZ-style coop PvE missions.