RuneScape makes UI changes to mobile, patches in fixes to PC, and discusses how the devs create content


Whenever RuneScape does stuff, it seems to do it in what can only be described as a hadouken of updates. And just like me actually playing fighting games, I’ve taken that hadouken to the face and I’m now here to try to summarize it all for you. Ready? Here we go:

  • RuneScape Mobile is pressing onward in its push through beta with a new UI-centric patch along with other updates that were previously discussed during a content showcase such as improved performance, the decluttering of Burthorpe and Taverley, and other new player tutorial improvements.
  • As for RuneScape on PC, that’s seen a patch too, mostly focused on fixes and improvements for a variety of smaller issues regarding combat, achievements, and quests; it’s not exactly a barnburner of an update, but little adjustments can always add up to a better game.
  • Finally, there’s the premiere episode of a new video series which will document and discuss how the RuneScape team puts together updates for the MMORPG. You could almost say they’re Design Diaries; the first one is below.

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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

RuneScape is going from strength to strength and I admire Jagex’s exploratory bold move into the mobile frontier. Playing Old School RuneScape on my smartphone has been great fun and I look forward to doing that with mainstream RuneScape as well.


ive been waiting for RS on ios.. not OSRS… OSRS is not fun


I feel the other way around – RS3 is a dumbed-down souless shell game with no reason to exist while OSRS is where it’s at.

maydrock .

Anyone know how to delete a toon and start over in OSRS?