Closers brings Seth to the battlefield today for pre-creation players

This is all fine. Everything's fine.
Gosh, why do people keep shoving monsters into things which are not monsters? The latest addition to the team in Closers, Seth, was just a perfectly normal girl named Anna who was doing whatever women named Anna do on the regular. (Show up in badly masked Twilight fanfiction, maybe.) But then she got the monster Sekhmet shoved inside of her, and now that she’s sharing body space with the monster the best thing to do is become a ferocious melee fighter in a video game. That’s just the way it is. Fortunately for players, you don’t really need to think about any sort of cosmic unfairness and can instead just enjoy big swiping claws scratching at everything with Seth’s agile attack patterns.

“En Masse Entertainment is ready to introduce the Closers community to Seth, The Girl with Two Souls starting today. Those players who pre-created their own Seth and who reserved her name ahead of time will find her ready and raring to claw her way into Closers. No ordinary member of the Closers cast, Seth is what happens when a bright young girl named Anna becomes imbued with the ferocious primal power of the monster Sekhmet. She’s the final member of UNION’s Wildhüter team and one terribly ferocious melee fighter.”

You can check her out in the gameplay trailer just below if you’re eager to take the newest team member out for a spin. Just make sure she doesn’t wind up forming a bond with any further monsters in the process, this thing seems to happen to her.

Source: En Masse Entertainment press release

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Her previous introduction video showed us that she’s a cat killer, so she can go burn in hell for all I care.

I’m unsure why you’d set her lore up like that if you wanted her to be liked. If you were setting up a long series of quests where I got to hunt her down and punish her, I’d be all for it. But not when you want people to feel for her somehow and play her.

Yeah it’s just lore, and just a game, but still that stuff matters to me to be able to get into something :D I really get into the stories of these games and characters, and Closers actually has some slightly interesting stories going on there.

I do like the game okay but darn why’d they have to introduce her as a cat killer. To show she’s starving? I’m sure there are lots of other things to eat, whatever the cat is hunting and living on (if it is indeed hunting and living on stuff, possibly it was just some family’s beloved pet she murdered. It let her get close enough to it without running away so there’s a good chance it was a tame domestic family pet).

I have to find some kind of relation to a character to be able to play it and enjoy it. Sometimes I will go through just to see their stories as well if it’s good enough, but to stick around and play more and really like doing so I have to relate to them. They set her up in a way where I don’t relate to her and don’t care for her at all.

This is usually why I have a really hard time playing male characters in games that are gender locked. I have a difficult time relating to males and it isn’t enjoyable for me to play one. It doesn’t feel like it’s “me” and harder to lose myself in the stories and what have you.

This game here has very specific stories for each character, so there’s a reason this one is gender locked, but still right off the bat it makes it so I probably won’t play the male characters to see their stories.

And I won’t play any cat killers because they can go screw themselves and die :P