EVE Online changes the rules for cyno field fitting and makes prettier wormholes in the September update


September’s update for EVE Online has officially gone live, which makes some tweaks to what ships can fit cyno field generators and generally makes the game a lot prettier to look at.

As of today, cynosural field generators can be attached to fewer ships than before in order to make dropping into a fight a tactical choice instead of the standard rules of engagement. Industrial ships, blockade runners, and deep space frigates that relied on these fields to safely traverse the more dangerous parts of space will still get to do so with the introduction of a new industrial cyno field generator, which should make space trucking slightly less awful as a result of these changes.

Your eyeballs will also get to enjoy some new visual treats with updated wormhole graphics to better see how much of a lifespan a wormhole has, overall visual improvements, and updates to the UI/UX. The September patch also made changes to the Venture in order to prevent it from capturing lowsec faction warfare complexes. All of the salient details are in the patch notes.

In related EVE news, the game will be making the 64-bit client the norm this coming Wednesday, September 11th, as the sandbox continues to future-proof itself. The 32-bit client will eventually phase out, but the option is still there for now for those who need it.

source: official site (1, 2)

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Wilhelm Arcturus

The phrases “made some tweaks” and “fewer” grossly understates the level of the cyno change. It has gone from literally any ship with a high slot, which included almost all of the 345 flyable ships in game, to 9. And those 9 ships are expensive for sub-caps. This is a big hit to any small group or individual who wants to play in the capital ship end of the game.

Also, it is jump freighters who relied on cynos for space trucking, so the new cyno type is for them, but it can only be fit by industrials, blockade runners, and deep space transports (not frigates). They are now the only ships that may act as the beacon target for jump freighters using the new cyno type.