Final Fantasy XI brings new Ambuscade challenges and a new high-level fight for the future


The end of Final Fantasy XI’s fourth expansion is back. In high-tier battlefield form. Yes, the latest version update has arrived and brought with it a new high-end fight against Lady Lilith, whom you may remember from Wings of the Goddess as the enemy of the future. Or… the past. The future-past. Look, that expansion’s story was a whole bunch of convoluted time-travel nonsense trying really hard to make the plot still feel immediately relevant; let’s just admit it didn’t quite land right and move on.

You know what lands just fine? New Ambuscade challenges! And more job adjustments, this time taking a couple of Bard songs out of the Merit Point list and adding them as individual scrolls (a trend that players will note has been ongoing with each set of job adjustments). You can check out the full set of patch notes, or if you prefer you can watch the latest video digest to get a rundown of what’s in the update as well as teases about the future.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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A new summon is huge! With included new quests to introduce it into SMN too, that’s fantastic.