Final Fantasy XIV’s third piece of fiction for the anniversary is one gigantic spoiler

Tell me more, tell me more, but you don't have to brag.

So, hey, maybe you haven’t yet finished the main scenario for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. That’s fine, we’re not judging what you do with your life. But, well… the latest anniversary story is filled with spoilersBig spoilers. Spoilers not just for the main scenario but for another bit of content, one that will be immediately obvious if you’ve paid attention to everything running in the background for the past several years.

So what’s the story about? Well… yeah, this one is spoiler-ish enough that even just stating the premise is arguably a spoiler, so chew on that one. In the broadest strokes, it’s about the circumstances leading to the world-hopping antics of the main characters for this expansion, as well as the ultimate fate of an old antagonist and some potential explanation for the lore behind an optional endgame dungeon. It ties a lot of stuff together. If you’ve already experienced all of it, of course, you needn’t fret about spoilers; just go ahead and read it.


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That story really hit me in the feels.

Nathan Aldana

Huh. so my OMG really is somerthing special