Path of Exile announces a patch to address several Blight League bugs on PC


The Blight League update has arrived to Path of Exile, though it would appear that it has not done so completely unblighted if a recent developer forum post is any indication. That said, that very same post is likely going to be a comfort to players of the MMOARPG, as it announces several fixes in today’s patch.

The patch in question should clear the inability to complete Pulsating Grotto, Restless Rubble and Haunted Remains Delve encounters; stop incorrect spawning when entering a Hideout or dying in a map Labyrinth Trial; and fix Aukuna’s Will bodyswapping and Raging Spirits’ target prioritization. The post also notes that Grinding Gear Games is aware of performance and stability problems with endgame Blight encounters: A resolution for these problems and general game crashes is in the works.

Meanwhile, the update has has gone live on Xbox, hopefully without any of the aforementioned issues. If you haven’t had a moment to check out what this new update has in store, then be sure to check out MJ’s livestream of this new content.

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So far they are 0 for 2, at least for me.

First it was the laptop integrated graphics issue I had to work through, then last night spent two hours trying to get the latest patch to install.

Thing is, both problems have happened to others in the past many times, yet GGG keeps screwing the pooch and reintroducing the same issues again and again.

The fixes are never universally applicable either, frequently multiple approaches that work well for some but other’s have to do something else. (Operating system differences seem to factor in stongly)

I had no problems since starting in March, but two issues since Friday.

I think one more anytime soon and it will be time to find a new game.

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They do this 15-20 times every 3 months on a new release.