Star Trek Online Awakening is officially live today, starring Discovery’s Anthony Rapp


Star Trek Online Awakening is formally launching on PC today, with Star Trek Discovery’s Anthony Rapp’s voice and visage at the helm of the patch and its storyline.

“Awakening brings with it a brand new story, starring Anthony Rapp as Commander Paul Stamets, brought to life as a hologram and thrust into the future of 2410. With Stamets at your side, you’ll journey into the Mycelial Network, stopping the threat posed by J’ula and her House Mo’kai raiders,” PWE Executive Producer Andre Emerson writes in today’s dev post.

“But that’s not all – this update also brings with it five new patrols, each their own individual short story starring Stamets and some of STO’s biggest players, like Madran and Captain Kuumaarke. In fact, the threat to the Mycelial Network is bad enough that it’s stretching across the galaxy in a Mycelial Crisis. For the first time, we’re turning all of the new content in a major update into an event for you to play. Every time you play a Patrol, the new Episode, or the new Mycelial Realm TFO, you’ll earn progress across all your accounts towards unlocking the powerful new Elachi Qulash Frigate, complete with your choice of premium Elachi Weapons and Upgrades. Can’t play the whole event? Well we have a buyout option, and it’s prorated for the first time – the more you play, the cheaper the price gets.”

Do note console players will be waiting a bit longer to jump in!

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