The Daily Grind: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever collected in an MMO?


Back when original-flavor Star Wars Galaxies was alive, I had a bit of an obsession with Ubese shirts. Essentially, they were sleeveless undershirts that went with the Ubese armor set – y’all will remember it as the bounty hunter outfit that Leia wears when infiltrating Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi. Anyway, I loved how those shirts looked when paired with clunky leg armor and skirts, and my characters became kinda known for wearing them, to the point that one day a friend logged into his Armorsmith and made one in every single color so I’d stop bothering him to make me a new shade every other day. I wanna say that was 225 shirts? And even though it started as a joke, I carried that collection around with me – even had to plop down extra houses to hold it all – until the day the game sunsetted.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever collected in an MMO?

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Not sure it would be considered ‘weird’, since it’s the game mechanic, but I used to collect the shinies for RIFT. Literally shining spots on the ground that are a kind of almost ‘RNG’ mechanic of collectables…some are for a certain zone, others are for other stuff, some are only obtainable by doing stuff like fishing…I had something like over 612 collected and was in the process of selling so many on AH that I had over 2K plat…but I kinda overdid/got bored and wandered away from the game and never managed to return, even after it went F2P. (Also my bags had kinda gotten nearly full on most characters and I hate games that do stuff like that…seems intentional. I ended up just logging in one day and deleting over 200 emails worth of my goods I’d been selling on AH before quitting because it’d practically turned into a job…)

I like shinies. Ooo…shiny. Way back when I was a child my father beat me with a belt for wandering too close to a road because I saw a shiny by it that I wanted to go look at/figure out what it was, because of curiousity, and he’d told me to ‘stay close’ while he wandered off to tend to his beehives and didn’t pay attention to my brothers or I (His own children.). I tended to collect shiny rocks/marbles/steel ball bearings too. I had a glass jar with them all in it, but I managed to accidentally knock over my side table with it being clumsy the other day and the glass jar shattered, so now I need to figure out what to do with it again…

Jeromai _

As a virtual hoarder, the most accurate answer would be “everything” and “it all blurs together.”

In GW2, I did collect bottles of rum trash items for a while, before giving in to the sell all trash vendor button.

I’ve now settled into keeping a few rusty pitchforks (13) and tending my purely dropped from RNG collection of mini slublings from the Slothasor raid (28 and hopefully still growing) while the mini Keep Constructs I never purposefully intended to hang on to look on and stare at me (39).

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NPC personnel and companion characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I put so many companion characters in my main character’s Manaan stronghold that the game told me I couldn’t add any more!

I like to build “set pieces” with them, where you can look at whatever they’re doing and sort of intuit what’s going on.

I also have a thing for amassing many NPC bridge officer options in Star Trek Online, customizing each, and making sure each character has its own background story rooted in the lore.

What can I say? You can never have enough digital friends! :-)


Sinewy Wings in wow! It’s a grey item that is somewhat of a joke between me and some friends.
It’s just silly sounding. “Sinewy wings” lol

Andy Turner
Andy Turner

someone gave me a glass of spiced milk on the the imperial fleet once.


The framed maps in lotro. I know there’s an achievement for it, but I just like having a map room in my home.


WoW: The Innkeeper’s Daughter.
A “toy” that you can “use” once every 30 min.
Perhaps they could change the regrettable name.


I stockpiled force sensitive resource crate’s from the village in Star wars galaxies. Not to mention other items and resources from pre-nge. Eventually towards the end I donated most of my collection of stuff to the artisan crafting senator to put in her museum. It’s been so long but I think her name was Elisa. But the huge collection of force resource crate’s stayed in a guild hall I converted into storage til the sunset. I also had a vast collection of lightsaber crystals and krayt dragon pearls.


I remember there was someone in City of Heroes named Kegan who collected pink stuff. Their personal storage was full of nothing but like pink yeti fur crafting materials.

Or so I was told.

Personally, in RIFT, the artifact finding system had this name for a hair dryer artifact that I would find over and over. I had a small collection of them.


I really enjoy collecting costumes during halloween events in eq2. More specifically head appearance (vanity) for my froglok characters as most of the in game helms had bizarre models for the froglok skull. But the costumes made it fun, cat head, goblin head, skull, flaming skull, werewolves, bat, pumpkin. The undead froglok was my favorite temp clicky appearance.