Black Desert patches in PC Altar of Blood events, Xbox One s’mores promo

It’s patch day once again for Black Desert, as Kakao is pushing out both new additions to last week’s life skill master update and a new multi-part event in the Altar of Blood. “During the event period, the difficulty of the stages in the Altar of Blood will be lowered, and you will have a chance to get better rewards,” the studio writes.

“The chance of gaining better rewards such as Gold Bar 100G, Gold Bar 1,000G, and gears (ranging from green-grade TRI gear to yellow- grade PEN gear), will nearly double. The number of Black Stones (Armor) gained from Stage 1 and the Caphras Stones gained from Stage 2 and above as a reward will nearly double. You will gain the Stage 10 rewards once more if you defeat the Ancient Kutum that appears intermittently in Stage 10. This means you will have a random chance to win Stage 10 rewards twice.”

Don’t expect a big patch on PC next week, mind you; apparently it’ll be a “hardware-only maintenance to secure service stability” patch accompanied by an event.

Over on the Xbox One side of the game, a new guild boss, Ahib Griffon, has arrived to wreck Kamasylvia. Pearl Abyss has also patched in a new wagon, new awakened bosses, the revamp of the Velia Wharf, and tweaks for items and mounts, pushing the game a bit closer to parity with its PC cousin.

The Xbox One version of the game is also running a promo that asks players to collect cookies and marshmallows, but don’t be fooled – those look delicious, but they’re not s’mores!

Stay tuned for our regular BDO column, Desert Oasis, this afternoon!

Source: PC, Xbox One