Fortnite adds in the unfortunately named Moisty Palms with its perfect prop disguises

Thanks, I hate it.

You there! Do you want to shoot people in an area dubbed “Moisty Palms?” No, probably not, but that is the exact level that Fortnite’s humor is operating at today with the addition of that region as the game’s newest Rift Zone. As you might expect, it has a bit of a twist to it; players can take drop into a crouch to be disguised as a perfectly innocent prop, allowing ambushes and surprise escapes. Hopefully, anyhow; you can still take damage whilst disguised, so you’ll need to put some thought into avoiding detection.

The patch also brings back Greasy Grove, which includes periodic taco rain that forces everyone to dance while regenerating health. Because why not at that point? Why wouldn’t that be a thing? It’s a major surprise that this doesn’t also include some kind of flatulence-based weaponry that thinks the word “fart” is a joke by itself. The patch is out in the wild now, and so you too can learn the ignominy of hiding as a toilet and then getting shot anyway, wondering where things went so wrong.

(Hint: It was when you played a game that allowed you to turn into a toilet in an area called “Moisty Palms.”)

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