Guild Wars 2 hypes Bound by Blood, loses a pair of devs, and sees Pink Day return


Time to bundle together some Guild Wars 2 headlines! Also I get to play with a bulleted list some more. Yay formatting! Let’s tuck in for some ArenaNet-flavored news, shall we?

  • Heather Conover, a lead game designer for ArenaNet, has officially turned in her two week notice and will be vacating her position on Friday, September 20th. (But don’t panic; ArenaNet traditionally has multiple lead game designers.) Her next venture was not explained in her Twitter announcement, but she did state that she will remain local to the Seattle area. (Might she be heading to Amazon like so many other former ANet workers?)
  • Conover’s departure comes on the heels of the exit of one of the game’s lead writers as well. Samantha Wallschlaeger’s last day was apparently last week.

  • The Guild Wars 2 community is arranging the 12th annual Pink Day in LA fundraiser to drum up funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. The event will be held on Saturday, October 19th, with a Quaggan Waddle event in Central Tyria on Saturday, September 21st, to drum up attention to the effort.
  • Finally, the hype train for the Icebrood Saga’s release is getting coal shoveled into its engine. A forum thread will collect all of the teasers for the Bound by Blood prologue episode, the first of which confirms that a full trailer will arrive on the same day the episode launches on Tuesday, September 17th. That teaser is embedded below.


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Sarah Cushaway

I can’t figure out why this game is so weirdly unappealing to me. Given the more open and non-linear nature of GW2, I should enjoy it, but I just can’t. I own it and both expansions (bought both on sale for half off), but I find it so danged boring and shallow. No lore books to collect, no real interaction with NPCs besides scripted text, the story is lame, the combat is pretty boring honestly (I hate that it’s tied to weapon skills, because once you have the skills you want–including mastery– it just feels super, super static and stale), and the “dynamic” events are all just timer events like you can find in half a dozen MMOs–they don’t really change the world at all. You just wait for the event to reset. Crafting is terribad, there’s no fluff stuff to do (fishing, housing, lore collecting, etc) :| It’s barely an MMO. Even the races are bland.

I don’t get it. I want to get it, but I don’t.

Àsh Uzàl

maybe you should play GW2 to lvl 80 cuz that’s where the game start and the events that change the world are called LIVING SEASON EPISODES ! u get them when ur each lvl 80
the game start when u reach lvl 80 not at lvl 1
also there is housing in guild wars 2 awee guess what u get it when u reach lvl 80
so maybe u should give it a try even if the leveling maybe boring for you but do it u will enjoy it evantually
races are bland ? did you even play any race’s story to say that ?
every fuckn race have theor own story wich change the whole story line around them and its not fucking tied to the weapon skill u can basically make your own build u can even build an assassin that heal allies
uc an build a mage that tank for your team
but i guess u reached lvl 9 and started to give your opinion about it

Riccardo Tavano

Can agree about the lore books to collect, but there actually are lore books around… You just can’t collect them…only reading, and that the game definitely more fluff stuff like housing etc, but the rest isn’t really true.

The npc interaction is limited, but at the same time the world is more alive because of how NPC interact around you instead of just standing there all day.

Events there are a lot of types, but you have to go further into the game to discover them.

The combat isn’t stale at all. You swap often utility skills and traits to match the encounter… Sometimes weapons too.

The story is personal. To me it’s not a masterpiece, but it ain’t even bad. That said the core game story is pretty meh, the storytelling pics up later on with the LS and xpacs story

DargorV .

I played gw2 since its release and then on and off and you’re pretty much hitting the nail on the head for the most part. Also, ignore the illeterate fellow, the game doesn’t “start” at 80 and neither does it get much better really. The game has actually been going downhill in quality for over a year now, steadily.

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Paragon Lost

It’s been the same problems for my wife and I since GW2 came out. I keep buying the expansions to keep up and I play off and on but overall it just doesn’t do much for me and for mostly the same reasons you listed. (sigh)


The Pink Day in LA fundraiser for the the Canadian Cancer Society is a very worthy event! I love how the community supports these efforts.

Bruno Brito

Band back into warband”


I’m officially interested now in seeing how this lives the hype.


The same way the theater event did.