Guild Wars 2 hypes Bound by Blood, loses a pair of devs, and sees Pink Day return


Time to bundle together some Guild Wars 2 headlines! Also I get to play with a bulleted list some more. Yay formatting! Let’s tuck in for some ArenaNet-flavored news, shall we?

  • Heather Conover, a lead game designer for ArenaNet, has officially turned in her two week notice and will be vacating her position on Friday, September 20th. (But don’t panic; ArenaNet traditionally has multiple lead game designers.) Her next venture was not explained in her Twitter announcement, but she did state that she will remain local to the Seattle area. (Might she be heading to Amazon like so many other former ANet workers?)
  • Conover’s departure comes on the heels of the exit of one of the game’s lead writers as well. Samantha Wallschlaeger’s last day was apparently last week.

  • The Guild Wars 2 community is arranging the 12th annual Pink Day in LA fundraiser to drum up funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. The event will be held on Saturday, October 19th, with a Quaggan Waddle event in Central Tyria on Saturday, September 21st, to drum up attention to the effort.
  • Finally, the┬áhype train for the Icebrood Saga’s release is getting coal shoveled into its engine. A forum thread will collect all of the teasers for the Bound by Blood prologue episode, the first of which confirms that a full trailer will arrive on the same day the episode launches on Tuesday, September 17th. That teaser is embedded below.

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