PSA: Lord of the Rings Online is slashing prices for the Helm’s Deep expansion

Could SSG cut the epic battles in half too?


Lord of the Rings Online is notoriously reluctant to give any sort of price reductions for its expansions, so it’s a good week indeed when we see this happen. Helm’s Deep, an expansion that came out in 2013, is finally getting a cheaper version for those who have yet to venture into western Rohan.

Standing Stone Games announced that it will be reducing the price for the pack from $40 to $20 on September 16th. This package comes with two goodies: an Enforcer of Helm title and a neat Hauberk of the Hammerhand chest cosmetic.

LOTRO is also getting Update 24.2.4 today, which opens up the Brown Lands on the progression servers and does some landscaping in Dunland.

Source: Lord of the Rings Online. Thanks Tanek!

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Randy Savage

Slash it to free and they might have a deal

Castagere Shaikura

I would rather them to get rid of those quest packs. I would gladly pay for the expansions.


If the game was monetized like ESO – base game costs money, then chapters and DLCs costing money and having like 2-3 DLCs a year and one chapter a year, I’d gladly pay to play it.

But the system currently is so convoluted and the game suffers from being on an outdated engine, discrepancies in design between old and new so… I really can’t picture myself giving them any money or any of my time at this point.

Also it’s possible that Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings MMO might be better.

2Ton Gamer

LOTRO’s prices is their biggest roadblock, but this is nothing that has not been said so many more times before in so many better ways.

Kickstarter Donor

It’s ridiculous honestly. Free to play for the first 20ish levels, subscription up to level 50, expansion purchase to 60, expansion purchase to 65, expansion purchase to 75, expansion purchase to 85, expansion purchase to 95, subscription all the way to 105, expansion purchase to 115, and now we’re back to subscription to 120.

All required to be purchased. I think if anything needs streamlining, it’s this.

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“Could SSG cut the epic battles in half too?”

Probably not, but I really hope somewhere in SSG they are working on an overhaul for the battles when Helm’s arrives on the Legendary servers. They needed work from the moment they were released and were, for whatever reason, just dropped.

Epic battles will be a hard sell otherwise. Just look at the responses I got to this thread a little while back and you can see that many players view the battles as a roadblock to get past as quickly as possible. And it seems to be widely accepted that the very first one a player does is the worst way to start.

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Tobasco da Gama

It’s a classic negative feedback loop, really. The reason the Helm’s Deep battles never got revisited is that everyone hated them. They did at least try — with some success, IMO — to make the subsequent ones for Pelargir and Pelennor more fun to play.

I maintain that the shitty progression system they wedged into the middle of it was their biggest mistake by far, and the Player Council didn’t get to look at it until it was way too late to change anything. (Where the best change would have been just throwing it away entirely…)

HD’s Epic Battles had serious pacing issues as well, but without tying the ability to kick a ladder off a wall to a stupid progression grind I think the initial reaction wouldn’t have been quite so bad.