Star Wars Galaxies’ Legends rogue server plans PvP flashpoints and fresh ground/space content


Star Wars Galaxies fans know that the rogue server SWG Legends has been teasing new locales, Bespin and Felucia, for a few months now, but lest folks think that’s all en route to the server, the team has put out a community newsletter covering just a bit more of what to expect. More specifically, that means PvP and ground/space hybrid content.¬†First, there are the PvP flashpoints coming “in the near future.”

“Essentially we have created zones which function as a Flashpoint,” the team writes. “These will work on a rotation based system, entering and partaking in PvP battles within these areas will be beneficial to you in a number of ways, such as New PvP exclusive rewards. These rewards include armor sets, weapons, badges, and more.”

If ground and space PvE is more your thing, heads-up for the Star Viper content coming “shortly.”

“The Star Viper content is a mixture of ground and space content aimed at the forever growing squadrons of pilots we have within the galaxy. This content will have you playing alongside the notorious Valarians and Black Sun factions. In this content drop you can expect lots of exciting new features such as an expanded space zone stretching to 64km, a deadly Black Sun Space Station in which you must sneak aboard while wearing a disguise, and working for the infamous Lady Valarian. New player ships, quests, badges, and player buildings will be available.”

A follow-up FAQ at the end of the community report reiterates that the team isn’t considering new character slots, is still working on Jedi content, is working on playable Chiss, and might do a species respec system.

Want a little more fun fluff? A streamer took a tour of some of the best player-designed homes on the server, as submitted to the most recent Galactic Homeshow.

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