The Daily Grind: What little details delight you about WoW Classic?

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My WoW Classic guild is heavily weighted in favor of World of Warcraft veterans who think that we have seen and done it all a million times. And yet our chat over the past couple of weeks has been full of wide-eyed comments observing little details that we had forgotten or overlooked over the years.

I’ve not been immune to this phenomenon. Maybe it’s the slower pace of the game, but I’ve spent more time look at mob animations, spell effects, quest text, and the like than I have in retail. Seeing the creepy exposed skeletons on the sickly gazelles in the Barrens was a huge “oh YEAH I remember that!” moment.

What little details delight you in WoW Classic? What have you been noticing — or rediscovering — over the past few weeks?

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Luca Toni

I like the fact that you have to buy ammo, you have to buy food to feed your pet, it makes sense and it improves the immersion of being a hunter with a pet. Having to travel to the dungeons. Why does LFG Port you to the dungeons? You get the group together and let us get there…


I like how each zone has small details like a axe on a stump and there is probably a Wikia article about it, because it has some significance or tells a story without words. This is the one thing I’ve only seen in WoW (pre-TBC) and no other game has given so much attention to the details.

Eric Perbos-Brinck

The fact that completely and totally missed the impact of Classic WoW.
@utikablabla : prove me wrong.


I’m appreciating the need to think ahead as well as check everywhere I can. I’m taking my time in each zone I go to and I feel like that’s to my benefit as I see folks at like level 16 trying to do Redridge while I didn’t enter it until like level 22. I’ve also been making sure to collect all the dungeon quests I can and then hit up said dungeons so I can get the most benefit out of them. It feels very satisfying to be able to clear out most/all of a zone and be able to chain quests in a way to where the exp flow is coming in steady. Unfortunately I know that’s going to dry up soon as I’m about to leave Duskwood and then finish up Wetlands, and I’m on a PvP server where it’s like 4:6 Alliance if not worse in favor of the Horde. So it’s probably going to be a pita to try and do anything moving into the Contested zones where Horde have a much more active presence (Duskwood and Wetlands have already seen a good chunk of bored Horde trying to gank people on the roads/etc. even if they’re not 60 yet).

Also liking that there’s actually a reason to check each vendor you run into, ’cause unless you’re keeping wowhead open and making note of every crafting recipe, you might find some random vendors out there who sell limited recipes for cooking/etc.

Then there’s the nice feeling when running into treasure chests. Though I found it a bit weird when I saw one just randomly sitting in the middle of nowhere in particular.

Also enjoying the class quests you can do, and they’re more than just unlocking certain skills at every 10 levels or whatever. It’s also cool seeing the infrastructure of Warlocks in Stormwind as an example, since they hide beneath a tavern and you actually can do a quest to poison a noble who was about to expose the order.

Malcolm Swoboda

Almost everything has relevance.

But little details? Oh, so many.

Cata added a lot of good things, actually, in context of the world getting bigger and bigger and needing some convenience, but it went overboard on pretty much everything it did. Its not bad to add flight points, but its crazy to keep designing like going directly to dungeons is a bad thing. Its not bad to tune certain elites down, but its dismaying to turn them into normal and rather weak mobs. etc. Its not bad to indicate the direction or starting point of very useful or basically crucial quests. Its a watering down of the experience if you guide the whole way, or even go to the extent of not writing the quests so they can reasonably be done without that guide.

Cata to Warlords (maybe further after that, I don’t know) was like they’re designing for preteens or super busy older adults in most content, not teens to younger adults that ultimately want something they can and will sink into.


Many vendors are useful now, in retail you can level to 120 and never look for one vendor in the whole city which sell what you need.


The need to remain situationally aware while leveling even the most mundane content.
The need to save your pennies at all times.
The need to group even for open world content, like the Northwatch quests south of Ratchet….going in there without a group is really, really hard. This means that everyone is open to just random groups and (potentially) making a new friend or two.
In particular about classic I really appreciate their effort at implementing even the little touches – the weird “your protection has increased to 15” message, or the respawning box that has a grey weapon in it for people desperate for that 3-5s -if you know what I’m talking about, keep your mouth shut!

Loving the hell out of it. Zero pressure to sprint the content, it’s just fun to play again. I missed playing WoW.

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

I had totally forgotten about Timmy and the kitten for sale! I see NPCs all the time that I had forgotten about.


Is the neutral goblin AH in Gadgetzen active again? I will have to revive my business of selling kittens to the horde! here kitty kitty, I have a nice troll that wants to buy you!
It is funny what we had to do in classic to make gold. Another scheme I had was sneaking into Alterac mountains to the back of the castle, climb the wall to a goblin vendor avoiding all the ogres. Then buy frostbite recipe/potions from him which I would resell on the AH for profit.
I also still remember my Thorium mining route in Ungoro crater and locations of all the nodes even though its been so many years.


All the nostalgia based rereleases to follow suit due to classic’s “wild success!”

Reginald Bottomsworth
Reginald Bottomsworth

I’m noticing many little ‘inconveniences’ that were taken out in later patches under the guise of QOL improvements–ammo, reagents, physically moving to dungeons, etc. I missed that stuff and it all makes me feel like I’m in an actual world, something I hadn’t felt in retail since the dungeon finder was introduced.