Bossa Studios on why Worlds Adrift failed and what’s next


Although Worlds Adrift sunsetted back in July, developer Bossa Studios did not. Furthermore, it would appear that the company is doing better after dropping the game according to the studio’s general manager.

In an interview with GamesIndustry, general manager Daniel Clough ruminated on what made Worlds Adrift fall flat, concluding it was a combination of limited resources, shifting business priorities, and the difficulty of working with Improbable’s SpatialOS technology; on that last point, Clough is quick to point out that SpatialOS wasn’t the thing that meant Worlds Adrift would succeed or fail.

So what is Bossa Studios up to nowadays? They’re going back to their I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator wheelhouse, including a project for Apple Arcade, publishing of the in-development puzzler The Bradwell Conspiracy, and the irreverent physics-based silliness of Pigeon Simulator. Even so, Clough admits that Bossa Studios is looking forward to releasing larger-scale games in the future. “We’re trying to make sure as a studio we can take these kind of ideas but also have enough talent, capacity and process to be able to work on these games,” says Clough. “I think the studio can continue to do games like Worlds Adrift and complicated AI games as well as other stuff, but we have to be realistic that we’re the size of studio that we are.”

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