DC Universe Online is going live with its most Metal update today

Oh, look over there! It's MELT DISNEYWORLD.

Yes, today is the day when DC Universe Online truly goes metal. Not because the update brings with it new headbanging mechanics and a surfeit of shredding guitars, but because this update literally introduces the first episode of the story simply titled Metal, sending heroes and villains alike in search of Metal for the fight between the Multiverse and the Darkness. (It’s capitalized because this is special metal; you can’t just bring in some aluminum cans.) This means a new solo queue, new open world missions, and new raids with elite versions as well.

The patch also consolidates the type of artifact catalysts while raising the artifact level cap to 200, introduces new weapon adjustments for greater consistency in damage, and also allows for currency conversion from the Episode 32-specific currency. So even if you’re not diving into the new story content, there are still quality of life improvements. And if you are diving into the new story content, it’s twice as satisfying.

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