Elder Scrolls Online’s Dragonhold DLC hits the PTS on September 16


Elder Scrolls Online is pushing onward to the biggest release of the season: the Dragonhold DLC. And today’s blog post from ZeniMax offers a glimpse into just what to expect with both the DLC and its accompanying freebie patch, just ahead of its Monday arrival on the PC PTS.

“Dragonhold also brings the year-long Season of the Dragon saga to its epic conclusion,” the studio says. “In the Dragonhold main questline, you work with fan-favorite character Sai Sahan (returning for this storyline) to gather a rag-tag group of pirates and adventurers and restore the ancient order known as the Dragonguard. Once thought lost to history, this ancient organization of Dragon hunters must return to aid the Khajiit of Elsweyr against the Dragon threat.” That means traversing the Khajiiti kingdom of Pellitine and dipping into “new delves, world bosses, quests, and Dragon hunts.”

Update 24 itself, of course, consists chiefly of the first wave of massive performance upgrades coming to the game, including the “memory management overhaul, the first phase of combat ability performance improvements, and a complete redesign of the Looking for Group system.”

ZeniMax says it’ll be previewing more of Dragonhold in tomorrow’s Twitch stream. You can also take a peek at our hands-on with the DLC from PAX West last month, or poke your nose into our regular Elder Scrolls Online column, Tamriel Infinium, where most recently we delivered an editorial on how the game’s trade guilds need fixing.

Source: Official site, press release