Guild Wars: RPG Maker is currently available in demo form

Guild Wars: RPG Maker is currently available in demo form

It’s time to go back and play the original Guild Wars, but in far more single-player format than before! If you’d forgotten about the Guild Wars: RPG Maker project, you shouldn’t have, because it’s a wonderful idea in which the classic game is remade as a single-player RPG via the eponymous game making software. And now you can actually try the early build of the game in demo form, although you’d best be prepared for bugs because that’s kind of the point of this particular demo.

According to designer Joseph the focus right now is on locating and fixing bugs, with a balance pass slated for after bugs have been hunted down and fixed up. Once both of those goals are achieved, it’s time for more content. So if you’re curious what the game’s old-school single-player derivative looks like in action… well, hey, here’s your chance to find out.

Source:; thanks to Joseph for the tip (and the game, really)

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Bruno Brito

I’m playing this. For sure.

peor togs

Dude has skills!