The Division 2 is adding in targeted loot in its sixth major patch

Lewt. LEWT!

In any game with gear, we’ve always had the one piece of gear that just does not seem to show up no matter what. You’re awash in hand armor, for example, but you can’t seem to get a new weapon. Fortunately for players of The Division 2, the game’s next major patch will introduce targeted loot so that players can pick out exactly what items are needed and hunt for exactly those drops. Every specific mission and named zone will offer certain pieces of reliable loot, and a variety of different content types will offer the same loot so you can choose what you’d like to take on.

Players will see targeted loot dropping in addition to the existing loot rewarded for clearing content, so you can look forward to this as a bonus rather than the only reward you’re going to get. Drops will also still scale with your overall gear level, as always. Check out the full rundown if you’re excited to be able to get that one specific piece that keeps lagging behind all of your other kit.

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